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If you’re going to be working with this developer long-term, their commitment to learning new skills is even more important than their current skill set. Go into the hiring process to understand the exact mix of skills you’re looking for. Web developer salaries can vary wildly depending on the type of company, the skills needed for the job, your location, and your experience level. You can expect to make a higher salary if you stick with it for years. People with the title senior frontend developer make an average of $107,276. As a frontend developer, it’s helpful to have at least a basic knowledge of Bootstrap.

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The best way to become a frontend developer is to learn everything you can about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and related skills. You can do that through school or teach yourself using online resources. As a frontend developer, you’ll often work on websites that use a CMS. Bootstrap is a free collection of reusable pieces of code written in HTML, CSS, and (optionally) JavaScript. It lets developers quickly build fully mobile-responsive websites. Many frontend developer jobs call for familiarity with Ajax concepts.


All three types of developers work with the user experience but use different programming languages. All front-end developers have to understand web markup (HTML) and cascading style sheets (CSS). These are the standard building blocks that web browsers interpret and present as visual UI elements. Front-end developers should know HTML5 and CSS3—which have been the standard versions for a while now—and know when to use their more recent features. Albert is a senior front-end developer with over nine years of industry experience, designing and building responsive web and mobile applications. He has excellent problem-solving and communication skills, a keen eye for design and UX, and is attentive to detail.

Back-end developers work behind the scenes on the server-side of a website. They use various programming languages to make things happen, whether it’s going to a thank-you webpage for signing up for a newsletter or adding contact information to a database. Frontend developers create the elements of a website that users interact with. They aren’t UX designers themselves, but a good frontend developer knows how to make a positive experience for website visitors.

Front-end development is a valuable skill set

Build your skill set to provide the most comprehensive and valuable service to your clients. In today’s interactive world, it isn’t enough to create a user-friendly interface. It must be responsive to how front end developer courses every visitor interacts with a site. For the freelancer, the sure path is one toward full-stack development. It allows front-end developers to use event-based coding to build a better user experience.

frontend work

They allow multiple users to work on the same project without conflicting versions. A version control system helps you keep track of changes made to your website’s code. You can use them to revert to an earlier code version if something goes wrong. While Chrome is the most popular browser, developers shouldn’t overlook Safari, Edge, or Firefox.

An Overview of Frontend Tools and Technologies

When the design is available, front-end developers will convert that design into a front-end, the part of the website that the user interacts with. Back-end developers will create the back-end, the part that is hidden from the user, like the server or CMS. The distinction between front-end and back-end work is https://deveducation.com/ not always clear-cut, as front-end developers can also develop parts of the back-end. Currently, we have openings only for the developers because of the volume of job demands from our clients. Do check out our careers page periodically to see if we could offer a position that suits your skills and experience.

  • Completing the assessments confirms that you are ready to move on to the next module.
  • Front-end developers must be effective communicators (written and verbal) because they must interact with both the technical team and the client.
  • You may find it helpful to incorporate the typical service-side software skills into your portfolio, such as Python, PHP, Ruby, and Java.
  • Once you clear these tests, you are eligible to apply to a wide range of jobs available based on your skills.
  • Strong front-end developers own their products and own solutions.
  • John got hooked into programming when he participated in a hackathon in college.

Well, the length of time it takes is entirely dependent on your learning pace and prior knowledge. Front-end developers should also be familiar with version control systems such as Git, which is the most widely used. When coding, you’ll frequently want to trace your coding history and other information. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language, it is the skeleton of all web pages and applications as thier most basic building block. You use HTML to structure your page into elements such as paragraphs, sections, headings, navigation bars, and so on. In a professional setting or standard company, there is usually a UI/UX designer(s) who designs how the interface will look and what they want the user’s experience to be.

frontend work

It is also possible to go back in time, to restore code after an accident or when errors are made and bugs are found. Version control is used to record changes to code, enable collaboration between multiple developers and improve the workflow of developers. When creating the architecture it is important to determine which functionalities a website must support. This functionality dictates what kind of tools and services are needed. For example, for a website in which users upload a lot of photos it is crucial to decide how to process those photos and where to store them.

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